TBLP 123 | Gary Saarenvirta: Artificial Intelligence Leader

Growing a business requires making smart decisions.  Some of those operating decisions can be very complex and beyond human capability. This is where artificial intelligence steps in. With AI, businesses can make smarter plans and risk management decisions by running billions of simulations based on the organization’s transaction data. In today’s episode, Edwin chats with […]

TBLP 121 | David Lloyd: Servant Leader

TBLP 121 | David Lloyd: Innovation Leader

Servant leadership is a concept that inverts the norm of being a traditional leader and focuses on the leaders empowering the employees. Combined with encouraging innovation within the organization, it ensures the growth of the business. In today’s episode, Edwin chats with PostBeyond’s CEO, David Lloyd. David leads PostBeyond, a company that helps their clients […]

TBLP 120 | Christopher O’Donnell: Product Leader

Building and growing a creative and diverse team can give huge positive results to an organization.  But the questions of maintainability and scalability of these teams can also be a very big challenge for any business leader. In this episode, Edwin talks with HubSpot’s SVP of Product, Christopher O’Donnell.  Christopher leads a team of product […]

TBLP 119 | Marc Staveley: Technology Leader

TBLP 119 | Marc Stavely: Technology Leader

“Empower” is a big buzz word in the industry nowadays. And it is for a reason. Allowing your team to make decisions and take ownership of what is happening can be extremely beneficial for the whole organization. In today’s episode, Edwin chats with Index Exchange’s Chief of Technology Officer, Marc Stavely. Marc leads over 185 […]

TBLP 118 | Scott Wu: Engineering Leader

Scott Wu

As an emerging business leader, can you tell us your goal? Today with Edwin is Scott Wu, the Chief Technology Officer at Compass Digital Labs. He oversees the technology strategy for the company and leads a team of world-class designers, product managers, engineers and data scientists. His mission is to create amazing experiences for consumers […]

TBLP115 | Todd Unger: Productive Disruptor

TBLP115 | Todd Unger: Productive Disruptor

Do you know what does “productive disruptor” means? You will find out if you will listen in. Today on the show, Edwin sat down with Todd Unger, Chief Experience Officer and Senior Vice President of Physician Engagement at the American Medical Association. Todd and his family recently moved to Chicago for this job and they […]

TBLP112 | Gillian Mandich: The Happiness Leader

TBLP112 | Gillian Mandich: Executive Happiness Leader

What is happiness and why is it important? Before you leave wondering whether this is a podcast episode about business, you’d better think twice. On today’s show, we have Dr. Gillian Mandich, happiness researcher, Ph.D. Health and Rehabilitation. Gillian is the oldest of seven children. At a very young age, she was already entrepreneurial by […]

TBLP110 | Marcus Rader: Rental Property Management Leader

TBLP110 | Marcus Rader: Property Management Leader

Are you a vacation rental property manager looking for a one all solution? This episode is for you. We have on the show, Marcus Rader, the CEO and Co-Founder of Hostaway an enterprise solution for managing short-term rentals. When he is not busy with Hostaway, Marcus loves to play a guitar. He loves death metal. […]

TBLP109 | Beth Wilson: Force of Change Business Leader

TBLP109 | Beth Wilson: Force of Change Business Leader

Is unconscious bias eliminated in this time and age? Today on the show, we have Beth Wilson, Canada Chief Executive Officer at Dentons. Who is she outside of Dentons? Beth is a mom of two boys, ages 21 and 18. She likes spending time with her family. Beth also loves the outdoors, getting out on […]

TBLP108 | Taylan Pince: Disruptive Business Leader

TBLP108 | Taylan Pince: Coding Business Leader

Are you an emerging leader who is having trouble to delegate? In this episode, Edwin sat down with Taylan Pince, Mobile Team Lead and CEO at Hipo, an organization that helps disruptive startups and small businesses create meaningful products and services. When Taylan is not busy growing Hipo, you can find him spending time with […]