TBLP068 | Hamza Khan: The Burnout Gamble

TBLP068 | Hamza Khan: Soft Skill Leader

Today, Edwin chat with Hamza Khan, Managing Director of Student Life Network, keynote speaker, and author. He empowers people and businesses to transform ideas into action. Hamza is also a faculty member at Ryerson University and the co-founder of Skills Camp, a school for soft skill. When he is not busy leading these companies, Hamza loves to […]

TBLP067 Finding Balance with Edwin Frondozo

Edwin Frondozo Finding Balance for Leaders

On today’s episode, Edwin takes the opportunity to describe how he finds balance when he continually adds new things to his life.  From business projects to personal commitments, he visualizes his life as a spinning top where new things may take it out of equilibrium for a while. Thanks to media sponsors IT World Canada […]