TBLP 134 | The First 100 Days with Wayne Berger

TBLP 134 | Wayne Berger: Coworking Innovation Leader

This is a special collaboration mini-series with Info-Tech Research Group co-hosted with Brian Jackson. Wayne Berger is the CEO of IWG Canada and Latin America, the global coworking and workspace leader. The company harnesses the power of flexible working through its companies Regus, Spaces, No. 18, Open Office, HQ, and Signature by Regus.  He is […]

TBLP008 | Wayne Berger: Shadow of the Leader

It is my pleasure to introduce Wayne Berger on this episode. Wayne is Executive Vice-President of Regus Canada, the world’s largest shared workspace and co-working provider. Regus is leading a workplace revolution in Canada and around the world helping people and organizations conduct the best work of their lives from where they want and how […]