TBLP 134 | The First 100 Days with Wayne Berger

This is a special collaboration mini-series with Info-Tech Research Group co-hosted with Brian Jackson.

Wayne Berger is the CEO of IWG Canada and Latin America, the global coworking and workspace leader. The company harnesses the power of flexible working through its companies Regus, Spaces, No. 18, Open Office, HQ, and Signature by Regus. 

He is a leader and advocate for the transforming world of work. With over 20 years helping companies improve the way they maximize their office and communities; Wayne is helping lead the acceleration of the workplace revolution— evolving from traditional office space to the new flexible work world.

Hear Wayne’s story on how he was recruited to become the regional CEO of Canada and Latin America for International Workplace Group – IWG. As the name suggests, IWG is all about providing office space – often in a flexible scenario and co-working environments. A couple of the brands it owns include Spaces and Regus.

He didn’t have long in between roles at all. But he made sure to close out his role at Staples before diving into his new job. And he even took time to go for a run. It’s so important to take care of yourself, especially just ahead of taking on a taxing executive job. Go on vacation if you can. If you can’t, at least do something that’s just for you.

Lastly, listen to Wayne as he referenced Jim Collins’ “From Good to Great” when approached his mandate at IWG.


What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • What Wayne did to prepare for his first day of work in IWG
  • How he was able to connect with his distributed team to share organization’s mission and vision
  • How he was able to pinpoint his employees’ pain points to act on for a quick win
  • Why he made the focus switch to serving the customers
  • The importance of understanding the structure of your organization


Reading List

  • From Good to Great by Jim Collins

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TBLP008 | Wayne Berger: Shadow of the Leader

It is my pleasure to introduce Wayne Berger on this episode. Wayne is Executive Vice-President of Regus Canada, the world’s largest shared workspace and co-working provider. Regus is leading a workplace revolution in Canada and around the world helping people and organizations conduct the best work of their lives from where they want and how they want, all the while immersed in a vibrant community.

Over the past 20 years, Wayne has served in executive leadership roles in both Canada and the United States in developing national go-to-market strategies, working alongside best-in-class consulting firms such as McKinsey, and building top-performing businesses, including leading an unprecedented growth plan that has doubled Regus’ footprint in Canada in less than three years. All with an unwavering passion for helping people go to bed on Sunday excited about Monday so they can achieve their ultimate goals.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Wayne leads an organization of hundreds of dedicated team members supporting over 100 shared workspace locations and co-working facilities from coast to coast under both their Spaces and Regus brands. Regus’ locations span across over 40 cities in Canada, from Victoria, BC, to Halifax, NS, and are part of a global network of over 3000 locations in over 120 countries to serve all clients globally.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • How he was able to lead and double the number of locations from 50 to 101 in less than 3 years
  • Challenges on managing and leading his employees across the country spanning 40+ cities
  • Taking calculated risks to listen to customers and growing the organization
  • How he believes in marrying aspiration and operational efficiencies to help his customers focus on their core competencies
  • What he learned from growing from a sales representative to leading sales organization
  • How he lead his team through the acquisition transition with the “Shadow the Leader” philosophy
  • How coaching his daughter’s soccer teams help him improve as a leader


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This podcast is produced by Slingshot VoIP, a business telecommunications leader.