Originally recorded for the Startup Canada Podcast.

Entrepreneurs are always looking to improve to become the best they can be. This ideology often translates into their work, and into their business. Edwin Frondozo, Co-Founder and CMO of Slingshot VoIP, knows what it takes to be the best and incorporates this skill into his business, his hobbies, and his life.  “Communication is the key to everything.”  Edwin is a passionate supporter of entrepreneurship and SMEs and helps them grow and scale in the Cloud by enabling them with simple tools to communicate. An avid runner, Edwin has participated and finished in both the Toronto and New York City Marathons. He has his sights on the Chicago Marathon in 2017. When he is not running, he is working on mastering the handstand, hosting #StartupChats, or bonding with his new family addition, baby Jade.  Today, we’re talking to Edwin about how to bootstrap a Cloud-based business and adapting to the changing environment of business communications. We’ll also learn how to balance daily parenting life by running.