Launch a Podcast in 100 Days

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2022! Thank you for your time, I am happy to see you.

If you were like me, 2021 was a pivotal year

You did new things that allowed you to grow, gain valuable insights that made you feel alive again.

Coming into the new year, you have a new sense of clarity on your vision, mission and purpose and see that launching a podcast aligns to the goals and aspirations that you have.

And to continue the momentum, you understand that a podcast would provide even greater impact because you are passionate and super excited to share interesting and inspiring conversations to your community.

Being an influential leader, successful entrepreneur, and inspiring creator, you have an abundance of knowledge that you want to share, leverage and catalogue because podcasting creates amazing long-form and ever-green content but enables you to create countless shareable assets for you social media and digital assets.

🎙️ A podcast enables you to expand your ecosystem and influence through the most intimate way, your voice.

And as a fellow multipassionate human, you arrived here because you have made the decision (or deciding) to launch a podcast but have a few burning questions before you jump in, like:

  • Where do I gest started?
  • What kind of equipment do I need?
  • What is the ideal format and length per episode?
  • Where do I host my podcast show?
  • How many episodes should I run?
  • What is the ideal number of episodes?
  • Pros and Cons of running Seasons vs Ongoing show?
  • How do I publish to Spotify, iTunes, Google, and etc?
  • How do I find sponsors?
  • What are the ways to monetize?
  • Should I run seasons?
  • How long does it take to produce an episode
  • Where does a podcast sit in my content strategy?
  • Best practices to launch a podcast?
  • And more…

There's a LOT, trust me, I get it!

Just looking over the questions I listed, it gives me a sense of overwhelm and anxiety. In this workshop, I will share the strategy, process and tools I have adapted tp host and produce over 200 episodes including award-winning shows and provide the framework to launch a podcast in 100 days and look to answer all your burning questions.

Your Instructor - Edwin J. Frondozo

launch a podcast in 100 days with edwin frondozo

Edwin Frondozo, Award-winning producer and Host of The Business Leadership Podcasts.

He has produced 250+ podcasts in various formats from 1-1 interviews, panel style discussions to solo/narration styles with live streaming opportunities for guests on his show!

His guests range anywhere from entrepreneurs who run businesses all around to thought leaders like Seth Godin.

He has also sat on the other side of the microphone having been a guest in over 50 podcasts, allowing him to provide a unique point of view on producing and guest perspectives.

In this exclusive workshop, Edwin will share his insights and strategies on launching and producing multiple podcast shows while growing a tech startup and a young family.

Workshop Topics and Format (2 hours)

  • Podcast Strategy and Trends in 2022
  • Podcasting and Building a Content Stack
  • Essential Podcast Platforms and Tools
  • Podcast Production Best-Practices
Join us for two hour so you can achieve an influential podcast in the simplest way possible. Edwin Frondozo will share what others are not telling you about what it takes to be successful and glean some hidden trends, innovations and secrets that will give your show a quick boost.

The Details

Date: January 20, 2022 from 7pm to 9pm EST (GMT -5)

Location: Virtual – Zoom link upon registration

Investment: 2 hours of your attention and time (FREE)

Register and reserve your spot today!

Sign up for this free webinar hosted by award-winning podcast host and producer Edwin J. Frondozo.   This webinar is a LIVE event and the only one for the year and will be limited to 100 attendees


Most frequent questions and answers

A recording will be provided to those who cannot make the session or cannot stay for the entire session.

Yes, we will provide a 100-day plan and schedule to follow to ensure that you don’t miss anything and get overwhelmed.

Yes. A podcast is a key element on your content stack that will give you an intimate medium with you and your community while creating countless shareable assets for every social media platform.

You will NOT learn how to edit and produce an episode in this workshop. There are plenty of resources, both free and paid, that can teach you how to do so. 

Please sign up to waitlist and we will look to add more dates.

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