This award-winning podcast is dedicated to future leaders looking for insights and actionable items from the world’s most successful business leaders.

Edwin interviews many influential business leaders and change-makers in North America about best practices and lessons learned in building a brand, creating high-performance teams, and innovating an entire industry.

This program offers listeners a rare opportunity to hear first-hand the exclusive interviews and personal journeys of how today’s transformational leaders made it to the top. 

The podcast recently received Best Podcast in the Business Category at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards, Best Podcast from the Notable Awards, and Top 10 Global Business at the Podcast Awards.

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About Edwin Frondozo

Edwin Frondozo is a multipassionate technology entrepreneur, award-winning podcaster, top advisor, and international keynote speaker. He is well known for communicating where people, business, and innovation meet.

Edwin launched The 100X Life platform for multipassionate business leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators who are life-long learners and love to do many things. The growing ecosystem consists of Cafe 100X Coworking, Podcast 100X Production, and The 100X Life Blog.

He is the co-founder of Slingshot Communications, a business cloud phone network and platform where he is focused on leadership, growth, and scale.

Edwin is also an Award-winning producer and Host of The Business Leadership Podcasts. He has produced 300+ podcasts in various formats, from 1-1 interviews and panel-style discussions to solo/narration styles with live streaming opportunities for guests on his show!

His guests range from entrepreneurs who run businesses all around to thought leaders like Seth Godin.

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A resource for multipassionate business leaders, entrepreneurs and creators looking to 100X their impact.  Follow on your favourite podcast player:

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