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The Flow

Thank you so much for agreeing to join me on The Business Leadership Podcast.

This is going to be super fun and I strongly believe that what you have to share will be of amazing value and inspiration to The Business Leadership Podcast community.

*Important ****

To make the best of this experience for you, I have created this show flow with the details on how to get started :

Show Flow

Background :

This award-winning podcast is dedicated to the future leaders who are looking for insights and actionable items from the world’s most successful business leaders (this is YOU;-))Edwin interviews many influential business leaders and change makers in North America about best practices and lessons learned building a brand, creating high-performance teams and innovating an entire industry. This program offers listeners a rare opportunity to hear first-hand the exclusive interviews and personal journeys of how today’s transformational leaders made it to the top. The podcast recently received Silver for Best Podcast in the Business Category at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.

The overarching theme of the show is : Leadership growth through self-awareness

I want to bring on people from all walks of life to share their story and explore how what they have to offer can inspire people in their personal growth as a business leader.

Feel free to listen to latest episode of the best business leadership podcast.

Interview Framework

This podcast is a show with various forms of content. The one that we will focus primarily on, is a long-form 45-60 minute audio recording session (video is optional) where we will have a simple conversation.

I will be leading the topic at hand and the goal is to give the audience actionable steps for them to grow as a personal and business leader.

If possible, let’s get together.  I am finding the conversation much more engaging and fun.  I have a portable set up and can go to your location OR you can come to mine (if you are in Toronto that is).

Topics :

The conversations will be a round table discussion on your journey and experience as a business leader.  I want to get some business leadership topics that you are passionate about

Feel free to share your stories as storytelling is the most powerful way to bridge the gap from emotions to intelligence

We will wrap up the recording with me asking you for your definition of a changemaker as well as sharing where people can follow you on your journey.

Your Bio:

Be sure to provide a short bio of yourself so that I can properly introduce you on the show. Please include any books or upcoming conferences that you want the audience to know about.

I want to make this worth your while 🙂


Please provide us with 2-3 high-resolution photos of you in action or headshots (preferably that shows your entire body) before your podcast (min 1000 px wide), which our artists will use in preparing promotional artwork for your episode.

Interview Questions:

You will receive the interview questions and brief 24 hours in advance of the recording for your review and preparatory purposes.

Preparation for Remote Recording

For remote recording sessions, it will be recorded on Riverside, here’s some pointers to be prepared and to make sure we get the best quality recordings:

  • A silent or very quiet location
  • Restart your computer and turn off unnecessary programs running in the background
  • Mute your cell phone and anything else that might cause distractions
  • A wired Internet connection is strongly recommended
  • Test your microphone. I recommend you use a USB microphone or headset for the best quality. If not, the next best thing is headphones with a microphone on them (the Apple ones are good)

Riverside Best Practices

Before you start, here are some tips for a seamless recording experience with Riverside:

  1. Use a computer with a Chrome browser that’s up-to-date.
  2. Check your internet stability. Ethernet cable connections are preferred over WiFi.
  3. Use an external mic, if possible. Even the mic in your ear/headphones are better than nothing.
  4. Use headphones/earphones to prevent echo and increase audio quality.
  5. Close all other applications that don’t need to be open during the recording. This prevents CPU overload. Important: Please close all other programs that try to use your mic/camera.

How to Listen to Your Episode

Don’t miss your episode, be sure to follow these steps

Apple Podcasts

  1. Click this link
  2. Tap the show to see its information page.
  3. Tap the Follow button .

On Spotify:

  1. Click this link
  2. Tap Follow under the podcast title.
  3. The button should change to Following if you’ve followed it successfully.
  4. Tap Your Library > Podcasts to view your followed podcasts on Spotify.

Please take a few minutes to listen to the latest episode to get an idea of the show.  

“The moment that you feel, just possibly, you're walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind, and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself...That is the moment, you might be starting to get it right.”

Neil Gaiman

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