Category Creation Insights with Scott Brown

Mastering Category Creation: Insights from Scott Brown of Cervin Ventures

Join host Edwin Frondozo on the Business Leadership Podcast as he sits down with Scott Brown, partner and head of platform at Cervin Ventures. With over 20 years of experience in marketing for tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Cisco, Scott shares his insights on category creation and market conversations. They discuss actionable advice for business leaders to shift their perspective on creating new categories, the importance of building valuable dialogues with customers and pundits, and understanding the challenges and long-term efforts behind successful category creation. Scott also highlights how to connect specific data points to showcase success and offers a glimpse into exciting innovations from Cervin Ventures’ portfolio companies.

00:00 Introduction to Category Creation in Business
00:49 Meet Scott Brown: A Veteran in Marketing and Category Creation
01:57 The Essence and Impact of Category Creation
03:55 Adopting a Category Creation Mindset: Insights from Scott Brown
05:56 Practical Examples and Success Stories in Category Creation
08:36 The Fundamentals of Successful Category Creation
15:19 Leveraging AI and Innovation in Category Creation
22:42 Final Thoughts and Actionable Advice on Category Creation
24:29 Closing Remarks and Podcast Wrap-Up

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