Kim has excelled as an enterprise sales executive in the technology sector throughout her career. After many years of selling into the global account marketplace, Kim decided to go out on her own and help small businesses learn how to generate exponential growth by selling big deals to big clients. 

Her experience at TELUS selling into large accounts, in Canada, the USA, and globally taught her much about the rewards of big business returns. Following her experience in emerging technology selling, she worked for 3 large, best-of-breed, USA cybersecurity software manufacturers selling into corporate accounts. 

In addition to her work in technology, she has been a Board member of several non-profit organizations for the past 22 years giving time and expertise to the community and special causes. 

Her current work not only includes helping small companies with big deal selling but also works with her clients to help them build efficient and effective Boards and protect their companies by understanding cybersecurity governance and regulation.


It is so important to reach out and have that conversation, voice to voice and video if possible. It's really important to get that connection.

I'm in Calgary, the mountains are calling so we're going to spend some time hiking in the mountains and it'll be easy to create some social distance in the mountains get some fresh air.

Having trouble keeping your "newly" remote teams engaged, efficient and feeling connected? Text "help me manage my remote team" at 416 834 0299 and I will personally connect with you.

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