TBLP 157 | Jas Saraw: Construction Software Leader

How do you manage a workplace during the pandemic now that everyone is working at home?

In this is two-part conversation Edwin had with Jas Saraw. You will hear them talk about the Covid-19 pandemic for the first half of the interview. The second part will revolve on Jas’ journey from a sales executive to leading an entire market segment.

Jas Saraw is Vice President, Canada at Procore where he is responsible for all Canadian revenue and customer-facing teams that reside in the Canadian offices, including Business Development, Customer Success, Sales and Marketing. Jas joined Procore in 2017 and has over 18 years of technology leadership experience specializing in SaaS, ERP, CRM and eCommerce solutions. Jas is passionate about diversity and education in construction and brings a unique understanding and perspective of construction technology as it applies practically from coast to coast.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • What is the daily working life for Jas’ team member 
  • How he improves the team’s efficiency during the pandemic
  • Effective employee communication during the quarantine period
  • Ways that Procore is helping out our community and their client-base
  • Jas shares his plan in the next 12 months for Procore
  • The big challenges he has now and his strategies to face it
  • Millenials Vs. Boomers: Is there a generation gap
  • How does Jas nurtures the talent of his team members for independent growth
  • The importance of building a community and trust within the organization


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Edwin Frondozo

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