“It’s really about playing to get comfortable with the discomfort of playing outside my comfort zone”

Catherine Tanaka

In this episode Living Your Best Life, Catherine Tanaka sits down with host, Edwin Frondozo to discuss fitness, hustling hard, and how you can find self mastery in your own life.

Catherine Tanaka is a fitness expert and mindset coach and the host and producer of the Body Project Podcast. She specializes in supporting busy working women looking and feeling their best through fitness as the physical practice.

She believes that investing in yourself and your health will give you the biggest ROI- living your best life.


What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • How movement and exercise allows you to become more productive.
  • Consistency versus going all out once in a while.
  • Three things to focus on to live your best life. 

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“Movement, getting out in nature, is always going to benefit you.”

Catherine Tanaka

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