Growing as a Leader with Marie Chevrier Schwartz

“I remember the question “why isn’t it being done differently” being “why hasn’t someone else come up with that solution” which I guess was kind of challenging myself to think about “well somebody would have obviously fixed this if it was that big of a problem” which is often where I think most ideas end.”.

Marie Chevrier Schwartz

In this episode Growing as a Leader, Marie Chevrier Schwartz sits down with host Edwin Frondozo to discuss product sampling and her journey of building sampler.

Marie Chevrier, is the Founder and CEO of Sampler, the leading platform helping brands like L’Oréal and Nestlé deliver samples online and gather the insight they need to build one-to-one relationships with their consumers. For the last decade, Marie, with the help of her team, has grown Sampler from the ground up to become the global leader in the product sampling space. Marie started Sampler with a vision to transform the way consumer packaged goods companies distribute their product samples. She worked tirelessly to develop a sampling solution that could help brands of all sizes and categories deliver samples to digitally targeted consumers while gathering valuable consumer data, product feedback, and opt-ins. With nothing more than a mock up of the technology she envisioned, Marie sold her first client. Today, Sampler is an award-winning pioneer in the digital sampling space working with over 950 brands in 23 countries including some of the world’s most renowned and beloved names in CPG like L’Oréal, Unilever, and Henkel.  Marie has been named the 2022 Marketer-on-the-Rise by the Toronto Chapter of the American Marketing Association. The award celebrates Canada’s next generation of influential leaders giving back to the business and marketing world through volunteering, inspirational leadership and community initiatives. She’s been honoured within the Canadian tech ecosystem for her global accomplishments and contributions through Sampler and named Woman of the Year by The DMZ. Her company has been recognized as one of the Most Innovative Workplaces in Canada by Elevate for its unwavering commitment to inclusiveness and diversity in tech. Marie’s advocacy for supporting the next generation of women in tech has led her to be named a Champion of Change by Winsight Grocery Business and a recipient of the 2019 G. Raymond Chang Outstanding Volunteer Award.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • How the biggest step in anything can be just getting started
  • Having the realization that someone else is not always going to have the answer – sometimes its you!
  • How asking ourselves tough questions can be the driving force to something bigger

Marie Chevrier Schwartz

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“We need more people to ask themselves hard questions.”.

Marie Chevrier Schwartz

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