TBLP085 | Anil Gupta: Mindset Leader

TBLP085 | Anil Gupta: Relationships and Happiness Leader

What is your mission in life? For Anil Gupta, Mindset Expert at Anil Gupta Workshops, it is to reach a billion people by December 31, 2020.  His mission is to inspire, move, and touch people. He lived by a quote from Steve Martin, “Be so great that you cannot be ignored.”

In this episode, Edwin and Anil talked about how forgiveness can give your freedom, why some people are comfortable about being uncomfortable and uncomfortable about being uncomfortable and also how to properly do the Gratitude Exercise.

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What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • Anil taking us back on the time when he met Tony Robbins and got a chance to work with him
  • What is the turning point for Anil to become a coach
  • Listen to Anil’s story on how he went from being broke to being an abundant man
  • What is “The G3”, and how it can make a difference in your everyday life
  • The Gratitude Exercise; how, when and where to do it
  • Why miscommunication is the number one challenge facing the future business leaders
  • Health and foster new relationships; why they are the most important factor a young leader must nurture


Reading List

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Immediate Happiness: Be Happy NOW Using Practical Steps with Immediate Proven Results by Anil Gupta

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