Changing the Game: Adopting New Hiring Mindsets for Small Business Success

We’ve teamed up with RBC to bring you a series of podcasts to help business owners and entrepreneurs navigate today’s ever-changing environment but also position your business to win for tomorrow – it’s called the Growth Unlocked Podcast.

In this episode of the Growth Unlocked Podcast, our host Edwin Frondozo welcomes Don Ludlow, the Vice President of Small Business, Strategy & Partnerships at RBC, and Mark Patterson, the visionary Executive Director of Magnet. Today’s discussion revolves around the innovative strategies SMEs can use to attract and retain the dynamic young talent of today.

Don and Mark share their insights on balancing the promotion of flexibility, agility, and creative perks with the goal of enhancing employee wellbeing. They explore the importance of nurturing career growth through varied challenges and opportunities to keep younger employees engaged and fulfilled in their roles.

Mark, with his unique expertise in leveraging technological solutions, emphasizes fostering collaboration within the employment and training ecosystem. His perspective illustrates how such an approach can positively impact individual businesses and contribute to the broader Canadian economic landscape.

The conversation also highlights RBC’s efforts, including the launch of RBC Upskill, designed to help young Canadians navigate their early career journey. Furthermore, Mark delves into the benefits of Magnet, a platform that fosters connections between businesses and potential talent.

Be sure to listen in for practical advice, ingenious ideas, and fresh perspectives designed to elevate your small business to unprecedented heights.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • Innovative Recruitment Strategies: Learn effective tactics SMEs can use to attract and retain younger employees in today’s competitive market. Dive into the importance of promoting flexibility, agility, and offering creative perks that cater to the unique demands of the younger workforce.    

  • Employee Wellbeing and Growth: Discover how to simultaneously enhance employee wellbeing and foster career growth. Understand the crucial role of providing varied challenges and opportunities that help young employees grow and thrive in their roles.    

  • Leveraging Technology for Collaboration: Mark Patterson shares his expertise on harnessing technological solutions to foster collaboration within the employment and training ecosystem. Grasp how this strategy can positively impact your business and contribute to Canada’s economic landscape.


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