Empowering Indigenous Entrepreneurship: Inside the SOAR Accelerator

“Just being together being open and vulnerable. Everyone here is already a success story. Everyone here is very aware of the impact that they have on their community specifically and the indigenous community as a whole."

Sunshine Tenasco
In this special episode of The Business Leadership Podcast, we delve into the world of Indigenous entrepreneurship and showcase the transformative power of the SOAR Accelerator. Join host Edwin Frondozo as he speaks with Sunshine Tenasco, the co-founder of SOAR and the visionary founders of five exceptional Indigenous-owned businesses from the inaugural cohort:
  1. Sunshine Tenasco – Co-Founder of SOAR, Founder of Her Braids and Pow Wow Pitch, and Author of Nibi’s Water Song.
  2. Cheekbone Beauty – Founded by Jenn Harper, the first Indigenous-owned and founded cosmetics company. (Cheekbone Beauty)
  3. Indi City – Co-founded by Angel and Alex, the first global Indigenous designers to incorporate wearable technology into traditional regalia. 
  4. MINI TIPI – Founded by Trisha Pitura and Mélanie Bernard, it offers a unique line of goods inspired by Canadian and Indigenous heritage.
  5. Sequoia – Founded by Michaelee Lazore, a proudly Indigenous brand offering sustainable and Indigenous-inspired products.
  6. Wabanaki Maple – Founded by Jolene Johnson, a 100% Indigenous female-owned company producing signature line barrel-aged maple syrup products. 
Discover their inspiring stories, the impact of the SOAR Accelerator, and how we, as business leaders, can support and uplift entrepreneurs like them to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.
Three Things the Listener Will Learn:
  1. The Significance of the SOAR Accelerator: Learn about the first-of-its-kind SOAR Accelerator and its role in empowering high-growth Indigenous-owned businesses in Canada. Understand how this unique initiative fosters financial success, builds confidence, opens doors, and creates opportunities for Indigenous entrepreneurs to thrive.
  2. Inspiring Stories of Indigenous Business Leaders: Hear firsthand accounts from the founders of Cheekbone Beauty, Indi City, MINI TIPI, Sequoia, and Wabanaki Maple. Discover their entrepreneurial journeys, the challenges they’ve overcome, and their positive impact on their communities through their businesses.
  3. Supporting Indigenous Entrepreneurship: Gain insights into the importance of mentorship, collaboration, and creating an inclusive space for Indigenous entrepreneurs to grow and succeed. Explore how business leaders can play a crucial role in uplifting and supporting Indigenous businesses and contributing to building a more inclusive and sustainable economy.
Additional Links and Resources:
Discover more about the SOAR Accelerator, read the press release, explore the cohort of extraordinary entrepreneurs, and join the upcoming SOAR Digital Gathering to engage and support the Indigenous business community.

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