Striking the Perfect Balance: Navigating the Digital and Human Experience in Business Growth

We’ve teamed up with RBC to bring you a series of podcasts to help business owners and entrepreneurs navigate today’s ever-changing environment but also position your business to win for tomorrow – it’s called the Growth Unlocked Podcast.

In this episode of the Growth Unlocked Podcast, a mini-series in partnership with RBC, Edwin welcomes Don Ludlow, the Vice President of Small Business, Strategy & Partnerships at RBC. He discusses the adoption of digital technologies in Canadian businesses. 

Don believes the pandemic accelerated digital engagement but has slowed down rather than peaked. Canadians still have a strong interest in digital experiences, although they also enjoy the in-person component of doing business. There is a gap between consumers’ belief in continued digital growth and business owners’ perception of it. 

Don emphasizes the importance of balancing digital and human experiences, especially when engaging with younger generations who value both. Small businesses can leverage digital tools and capabilities to become more competitive and reach a wider audience. They should invest in areas such as streamlining finances, digitizing the supply chain, and using data to understand their business and find new opportunities. Don suggests setting measurable goals to assess whether a business is on the right track, such as establishing a loyal customer base and innovating products and services. Small business owners should invest in digitization and technology while maintaining their human touch and customer interactions. 

Don also mentions RBC’s resources and tools to support small businesses digital transformation journey. These include insights tools, digitizing payments, cash flow planning, automating payroll, and cybersecurity solutions. Interested individuals can visit the RBC website, specifically the RBC Small Business Navigator, for more information and access to these resources. 

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • Gain valuable insights into the evolving digital landscape, including the adoption of digital technologies, consumer preferences, and the balance between digital and human experiences.

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of how to navigate the digital realm and leverage it to grow your business.

  • Discover practical strategies, tools, and resources that can help you successfully adopt digital technologies and optimize your business operations.


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