This is a special collaboration mini-series with Info-Tech Research Group co-hosted with Brian Jackson.

Previously BlueCat’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, Andrew Wertkin will share how he find the right person to replace him. And for Dave Penny, the new Chief Technology Officer, landing a new job at a new company is always a fresh start.

We are so honored to have two gentlemen in the middle of their first 100 days.

As Chief Strategy Officer, Andrew works closely with BlueCat’s CEO and executive team to chart BlueCat’s course as it continues to build market share.

As CTO, David oversees BlueCat’s engineering teams as they build on the company’s vision for a dynamic, open, scalable, secure, and automated DNS environment in every enterprise network.

Listen to this episode as Andrew and Dave unravel their challenges, mistakes, and their plans to achieve success on their first 100 days.


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