This is a special collaboration mini-series with Info-Tech Research Group co-hosted with Brian Jackson.

Is it hard for a new CEO to transition both industry and role at the same time? That’s what Eric Wright, our guest in this episode, faced during his transfer from Info-Tech Research Group to LexisNexis Canada.

Wright is Chief Executive Officer of LexisNexis Canada. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Eric leads the organization in its continued development of trusted content, leading-edge technology, and workflow solutions for legal professionals.

Prior to joining LexisNexis in August 2018, Eric was Senior Vice President at Info-Tech Research Group, where he was responsible for the delivery of advisory services and commercial activities within the Technology Research division. He led the organization’s transformation from a product focus on written research to a service focus on advisory and SaaS solutions. Eric was previously Info-Tech’s head of operations, where he led the Legal, Marketing, Sales Operations, Information Technology, and Human Resources teams.

On this episode, he shares how he faced the challenge of entering a new industry as he took on the role of CEO.

Also find out how his communicative approach led to many quick wins for the organization.

Lastly, listen to how he is shaping a new vision for LexisNexis Canada.


What You Will Learn From This Episode


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