"The few that made it to the top, there was a recurring thing that I saw was they had a very strong vision, they really didn’t have a back up plan and they believe that they can."

Lillian Victoria

In this episode Creating an Awesomeness Lifestyle, Lillian Victoria sits down with host, Edwin Frondozo to discuss how outgrowing old beliefs can get you to that “next level”. Lillian shares how personal development is equal to business development and how having a vision is ones driving force. Self work is never done and helps create harmony throughout all aspects in ones life.

Now helping high performing entrepreneurs and executives navigate their past failures by turning them into future successes, Lillian shares her own life journey that lead her to her current accomplishments.


What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • What is a paradigm shift.
  • How your vision is your driving force.
  • How the world is shifting.

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“if you don’t discipline yourself, if you don’t take the actions, the truth is no one is gunna take it for you.”

Lillian Victoria

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