Growing Your Business and Leadership | Shannon Stone | TBLP 164

“I feel like communication is like the underestimated element of leadership. When you listen to people, you hear what lands with them and want doesn’t land and I think that’s a great way to develop your leadership skills.”

Shannon Stone

In this episode Growing Your Business and Leadership, Shannon Stone sits down with host, Edwin Frondozo to discuss business, leadership and connection.

Shannon is a business and marketing consultant based in Brisbane Australia working with small to medium sized businesses helping them with their leads, marketing, and sales. Creator of The Growth Program, Sharron focuses on helping guide established businesses triple their profit within 90 days.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • Not to get too caught up with new opportunities.
  • How not committing to things in the moment can better benefit overall success.

What is The Growth Program

Connect with Shannon Stone

“If you are entrepreneurial spirit as well I think you know, we’re never short of ideas and things that we can pursue.”

Shannon Stone

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