“Understanding how your energy works is something I find so helpful, especially if you’re in a place of plateau or things maybe not feeling as good as you want them to.”

Katie Irvine

In this episode Using Human Design to Direct Your Energy Katie Irvine sits down with host, Edwin Frondozo to discuss all things Human Design, trusting yourself and where you can learn more about using Human Design in your business.


Katie is the creator of Sort of Spiritual where she teaches Human Design in a way that’s empowering and easy to understand through her online program, HD School. After living her life to make others happy and it all falling apart when she was 29, she completely overhauled her life and is on a mission to help everyone understand, love and trust themselves.


What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • What is Human Design?
  • What makes up Human Design?
  • How learning about your personal Human Design can better direct your energy. 

Connect with Katie Irvine


“One of the things I love about Human Design is like understanding how you’re designed to make decisions.”

Katie Irvine

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