Living Life as an Artpreneur with Marcos Mendosa

“You can have your purpose as a foundational base which is the purpose of my life is to live, and then put that aside and say “I get that that’s a core principle, a core value or my life that my purpose is to live.”. And then from there start to stack on that and create other ways of being that help you think beyond just you know, what is your life’s purpose.”

Marcos Mendosa

In this episode Living Life as an Artrepreneur, Marcos Mendosa sits down with host Edwin Frondozo to discuss living life as an Artrepreneur, how communication is a super power and how purpose is not enough – it’s just the foundation.

With a passion for poetry, writing, and teaching sales, Marcos Mendosa has built a reputation as the go-to-source for learning how to use communication as a superpower.

As the co-founder of Coachable, a coaches business development agency, Marcos has built a service model that helps optimize businesses by helping coaches focus on their genius while he and his team take care of their sales, branding, copy, and social media marketing. With his background as the Head Trainer of the Think and Grow Rich Institute, Marcos led the organization through a series of training programs that influenced thousands of people on how to integrate the principles of Napoleon Hill’s books into their lives.

Marcos is originally from Toronto, Canada and lives a nomadic life around the world.


What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • What is a Artrepreneur.
  • Purpose is a foundation.
  • How communication is a super power.
  • Thought, feeling and action sequence.


Connect with Marcos Mendosa


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“Communication solves all problems. Communication creates all reality. ”

Marcos Mendosa

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