Alignment Through Human Design with Patrick Danquah

“There are so many different ways that we can get the results that we want and subscribing to a hustle and grind culture can be one, but I ultimately believe that is not the only way.”

Patrick Danquah
  • In this episode Alignment through Human Design, Patrick Danquah sits down with host Edwin Frondozo to discuss Human Design, raising consciousness and evolving as a business.

    Patrick is a Human Design and Transformational Coach who is dedicated to helping others discover the beauty and benefits of Human Design while finding their life purpose. He helps guide his clients through their journey of discovering alignment and their natural gifts, talents and purpose, while cutting through the noise of what societal conditioning says true success is. Patrick shows his clients how to get back to the true essence of who they are by dropping the “should do’s” and learning to reconnect and trust their inner voice. He explains how to redefine the meaning of success while tuning into our true gifts and talents and realigning with what’s truly important in living authentically. He breaks down the steps needed to create a life of ease, flow and abundance while creating and maintaining the boundaries needed to break free from unhappiness and get to a place of personal fulfillment and team success.

    What You Will Learn From This Episode

    • How aligning your energy and desires helps not only you, but your company to become aligned
    • How hustle culture can be linked to fear and a false sense of security
    • What is Human Design
    • Getting what you want from the world by aligning with your energy
    • Achieving a flow state through alignment


    Connect with Patrick Danquah


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“When we feel like things are missing then we’re doing all these things to fill the gap, but when you’re aligned internally, you’re just constantly being pulled in the right direction.”

Patrick Danquah

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