Success Through Discomfort with Marie Bodine

“I think that the big challenge that has been happening for quite awhile is people aren’t thinking at all anyway, they’re reacting and they’re not thinking, they’re not pausing and they’re not reflecting.”

Marie Bodine

In this episode Success Through Discomfort, Marie Bodine sits down with host Edwin Frondozo to discuss breathing, gradual cold exposure, and how to delete stress within seconds

Marie is an inner peace coach, a level 2 certified Wim Hof Method instructor, a Spartan athlete, and a passionate advocate for mental wellness. She has committed her life to deliver anxious, stressed-out people incredible focus, unshakeable inner peace, and deep self-love.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • How you need to challenge yourself to help yourself grow.
  • How breathing exercises take out the ego and self-centeredness allowing people to better pivot and adjust in situations.
  • How being connected to your own body allows you to be a better team member.
  • How getting your sleep cycle down can be key to having a more productive output.


Marie Bodine

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“When we’re connected to our own body, having more self-awareness means we have more self-respect, we have more respect for others, we have more compassion, and we have more empathy.”

Marie Bodine

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