Pivot for Success Chris Laundadio

“No one shows you how to make a product, right? No on is like ‘hey here’s the recipe.”.

Chris Laudadio

In this episode Pivot for Success, Chris Laudadio sits down with host Edwin Frondozo to discuss his journey, team engagement and building his company Versa.

Chris Laudadio, an American entrepreneur and founder of the multi-million dollar company Versa Products Inc., has been an innovator in American-made office furniture for nearly 20 years. Based in Los Angeles, Versa Products Inc. is a thriving environmentally-friendly corporation with a state-of-the-art 95,000 square feet manufacturing facility with over 10 million dollars worth of fabrication machinery and countless innovative furniture designs. Their products have been one of the top-selling furniture products across the country, bought by Fortune 500 companies, Universities and high schools, medical facilities, and more.

In November 2019, the company was issued a USA patent for its new product category invention, the Versa Desk Riser. This electric, height-adjustable, standing desk allows users to transition between sitting and standing during their long workdays and provides other health benefits, including improved posture and increased blood flow. All products are designed and manufactured at the factory and sourced from the USA, helping create and sustain real American jobs. The company is also environmentally friendly by using recycled steel and purchasing wood from sustainable forests that replant each area they harvest. Even their manufacturing facility and offices use over 90% natural lighting to reduce energy consumption.

Some stand-out Achievements: Attaining all patent certifications for our Versa Desk Riser, adjustable standing desk. Creating an affiliate program with Toyota for our employees called the “Employee Courtesy Car” that grants access to all factory workers having transportation difficulties with a Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle to get to work, relieving some of their worries while remaining eco-friendly. Taking care of mother Earth is extremely important to us. Not only do we use recycled steel, but our wood is also purchased from sustainable forests that replant each area they harvest. Our manufacturing facility and offices use over 90.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • Being able to pivot and adapt especially when you’re feeling down and out
  • How you show up and how it affects your team
  • What is Google Studio and how to use it to your advantage

Chris Laudadio

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“What I think every leader should do is constantly wanna be working on your communication and being conscientious of how you’re coming across to your team members.”.

Chris Laudadio

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