My guest on this episode is Jim Love. Jim is CIO and Chief Content Officer at IT World Canada. Over the past 4 years, working with his partner Fawn Annan, President of IT World Canada, Jim has worked to make IT World Canada one of the leading digital publishers in the B2B space and a case study in digital transformation.

In addition to his work as a business and technology executive, Jim is also a well-known writer who published in leading publications in Canada and internationally. In his role as Chief Content Officer for IT World Canada having overall responsibility for all editorial and commercial content. He facilitates large and small session with technology and business executives across the country, supervises the research done by IT World Canada and heads the digital content production.

Jim continues to publish both topical items and his research into strategic technology and marketing in Canada and abroad. He is also an award-winning playwright and musician and he continues to publish.

Equally, at home in technology and line of business roles, over his 35-year career, Jim has held senior level positions in financial services, consulting and publishing. He has worked in software development, operations, sales, and marketing.

In consulting, Jim has held senior level positions in management consulting at Ernst and Young and as a Global Vice President for DMR Group (now Fujitsu). In these roles and in his private consulting practice he has worked with everything from large multi-nationals to entrepreneurial start-ups, to governments and government-owned companies in Canada and around the world. Jim has led large assignments in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Human Resources, Marketing, Technology, Mining and Natural Resources and Government.

Jim has been part of the faculty at the University of Waterloo and York University. He continues to teach an online course in Management Consulting for the Certified Management Consultant’s Association (CMC Canada) and he is a member of the technology curriculum committee at McGill University.

His work has taken him to Asia, Europe, West Africa as well as all across North America from Canada to the US to the Caribbean.

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