Mitch Seguin is the Co-founder and Head of Product and Design at TribalScale.

Mitch has always been a tech geek at heart, from his roots building hospital data centres to product management at Xtreme Labs, Mitch has seen every facet of product design and development. Mitch focused much of his working energy at Xtreme Labs in the startup space. Working with companies from seed round, he saw huge growth among his client partners and quickly gained an eye for potential success. When Xtreme Labs was acquired by Pivotal in 2013, Mitch saw the opportunity to fully immerse himself in the client relationship aspect of mobile development. Over this time, Mitch helped launch Pivotal offices in Denver and Washington DC.

Years later, Mitch has moved on to lead a new breed of mobile and emerging technology company. As head of product and design for TribalScale, Mitch has returned to his roots, helping to manage projects for companies big and small to create the ultimate in world class mobile and connected experiences.

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