TBLP015 | Rami Sayar: Technology and Community

On today’s episode, I have the opportunity to catch up and sit down with Rami Sayar at the FITC Toronto event.  Rami is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Canada.

Rami is a technologist passionate about the intersection of art, design and the web. For the past 5 years, he has been experimenting with the bleeding edge of emerging technologies, determined to find a use for them in everyday life.

In his current role as a Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Canada in Montreal, Rami covers technical areas such as open source technologies, open data, and cloud computing. He is a frequent international speaker and has spoken at prestigious conferences such as Build, FITC, ConFoo, DroidCon, CUSEC, KWS and TEDx at HEC Montreal. Rami is prevented from sleeping by his curiosity for experimentation, his insistence on shipping high-quality code and helping startups survive the grind.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • How he is leading by being a “fanboy” marrying technology and community
  • Gain exposure at a world-wide organisation, like Microsoft
  • Finding and navigating through Microsft to find the right stakeholders
  • Building through community events like Startup Grind and meetups
  • Continue publishing and sharing to gain trust and creditbility


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