TBLP016 | Stefan Grambart: Inspire the Creative Side

Today’s guest is Stefan Grambart, an Emmy® award-winning Creative Director pushing at the boundaries of collaborative storytelling, helping to shape the future of VR, gaming, and entertainment in general.

Stefan has worked on a wide range of interactive projects focusing on narrative and visual storytelling – both for clients and as original properties. He has over twenty years of combined experience across film and television, entertainment, games, and digital media.

I caught up with Stefan at the FITC Toronto conference where I learned quite a bit about the fascinating world of VR (virtual reality) and where the world is going.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • How improv and Dungeons and Dragons help him create in VR
  • The challenges working and leading creatives
  • To be mindful of your overall career goals
  • Learn how to treat your team as potential alumni


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