Eli Aleyner

TBLP055 | Eli Aleyner: Self-Promotion

Eli was the former Managing Director of Founder Dating (Toronto). He was a Program Manager at bing.com, leading projects in structured data search. Before that, he was an engineer at Amazon Web Services. Now, Eli is a senior product and alliances leader at Pivotal, currently leading Pivotal’s alliance with Microsoft.

After six years on the west coast, Eli moved back to Toronto with his wife and two kids.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • The importance of making sure people feel and know that you care
  • The definition of “Self-Promotion” according to Eli
  • Why working with too many people does not produce the best outcome
  • How learning from other leaders helped Eli to grow as a business leader
  • Success is not measured by how fast you reach the “top”
  • Starting small but going places


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