TBLP074 | Mara Nickerson: Legal Services Innovation Leader

TBLP074 | Mara Nickerson: Legal Services Innovation Leader

Mara Nickerson is Osler’s Chief Knowledge Officer and an acknowledged Canadian industry leader in legal services innovation and services delivery. She leads national teams who are responsible for professional development, knowledge management, records and conflict management and is the driver behind the Firm’s implementation of legal project management and process improvement.

Join Edwin and Mara Nickerson, as they discuss why (and how) it’s vital to accept the changes for the law industry and how they are coping with the technology evolution. Mara also shares tips to help lawyers overcome their fears about innovation. 

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • Mara’s vital role to ensure that every team member has the information they need when they’re talking to clients
  • Challenge of switching from practicing law to Chief Knowledge Officer
  • What are the steps Mara took to grow as a leader continually
  • Three factors for a Law Firm’s innovation
  • Technology’s effect on lawyers and how Mara’s organization deal with the evolving change


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