TBLP084 | Daniel Marquez: Industrial Revolution Leader

TBLP084 | Daniel Marquez: Innovation Technology Leader

Daniel Marquez is the Technology Strategy Senior Manager in Accenture. His role comprises two main areas of responsibility, one which is client-centric, and the other which is focused on the development of the Strategy practice.

Outside of work, Dan is a hardcore geek. He is geeky from movies to books. Dan played a lot of board games and an escape room master. Dan is also a new dad to Maddie and a loving husband to wife Erica.

In this episode, Edwin and Daniel sat down to discuss the topic of loyalty at work, his plans on being a leader in the technology field and his role in Accenture that will help it to be a fantastic organization. Tune in and enjoy the episode.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • The role of Accenture, through the Innovation Fellowship Program, to help companies change from being fine to amazing
  • Dan’s second hat as CEO of University Consulting Group doing pro-bono strategy works
  • How to recognize if a company or organizations are doing something wrong and that it’s time to innovate and change faster
  • Where the problem lies why companies get stuck
  • Dan discussed the right way of moving forward
  • Learn how business leaders could cope in dealing with in today’s business landscape of increasing disruption
  • Three pieces of advice for people who are shaping their careers and want to capture all unanticipated opportunities
  • What helps Dan in building a career in the leadership technologies
  • The key to Dan’s success as a business leader
  • Dan’s thought process on loyalty, work relationships and decisions on career move or moving to other company
  • How to get authentic, honest feedback at work that helps Dan continue to grow as a business leader


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