TBLP100 | Krystyn Harrison: Career Leader

TBLP101 | Krystyn Harrison: Career Leader

Prior to founding Prosper, Krystyn advised Fortune 100 companies at AT Kearney and founded Unison Design Group (acquired by Versett, 2017). She has an HBA and MBA from Ivey Business School.

Outside Prosper, she loves to spend time with her family and travel.

In this episode, you will hear Krystyn share what Prosper is and their plans for the next six to twelve months.

Not only that, she will discuss why you need a mentor or a coach that is accessible.

Plus, find out her advice to young business leaders to get ahead and find worth in what they are doing.


What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • How Prosper helps people become successful in life and career
  • The value of having an accessible coach/mentor
  • Importance of self-awareness or self-reflection as a leader in order to find your blind spot
  • Career Board of Advisors (a new term coined in this episode) – what are they and why you need them
  • Your coach or advisor doesn’t have to be a formal mentor to make an impact on your life and career
  • Advice for business leaders especially for millennial business leaders or the so-called “The Burnout Generation”


Reading List

  • Radical Condor by Kim Scott

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