TBLP 102: Body Language Expert with Mark Bowde

TBLP102 | Mark Bowden: Body Language Expert

Do you want to understand body language and facial expressions?

Today on the show, you will hear from Mark Bowden, Keynote Speaker, World Renown Body Language Expert and creator of TRUTHPLANE.

Edwin and Mark delve into the importance of body language or as everyone knows, non-verbal communication.

Also, hear from Mark how he helped CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and Prime Ministers of G8 powers master non-verbal communication that will let them grow as a business leader.

Lastly, learn what SCAN is and how it can help you interpret other people’s body language.


What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • Mark’s background: how he became an expert on human behaviour and youtube  body language  expert and how he helps business leaders
  • Why business leaders need to understand body language or non-verbal communication
  • How to present yourself compellingly with your body language that exudes trust and credibility
  • S.C.A.N. – a system of thinking that will help us interpret other people’s body language and get us closer to the truth
  • How to deal with disturbing arms closing, body shifting, etc. during a conference or meeting
  • Do they like your speech or not? – Advice on business leaders when giving a speech or talking to a large audience
  • The thought process on how to present yourself when speaking with an audience that you cannot see (such as in online live platforms)
  • The most effective, direct and quickest way to win trust and credibility



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