TBLP103 | David Ossip: Human Capital Management Leader

David Osspi CEO and Chairman of Ceridian Human Capital Management HCM

Do you want to scale your organization?

If the answer to this is yes, then you have to listen to this episode with David Ossip.

David Ossip, CEO & Chairman of Ceridian, Human Capital Management (HCM Cloud Software) was exposed to entrepreneurship at a very young age. Now, he is a dad to two wonderful kids and an avid cyclist.

Edwin and David dive into the topic of how he switched Ceridian from a company with a survival culture to an innovation organization.

What’s more, is David shared how to find the right leader based on the scale of the organization that you’re at.

Lastly, you will hear how David scale a company by overemphasizing on focus.


What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • How giving up an 8-figure deal helps David grow as a business leader
  • Partnering with another company (Ceridian), taking the leadership position and how he manages his team and grow the company
  • Three ways to encourage every member of the organization to communicate and embody the culture and core values of the company
  • Why scaling an organization requires the emphasis on culture
  • What kills innovation and three ways to build the culture of innovation
  • How Dayforce will help leaders manage their employees with the rise of a distributed workforce and AI
  • The difference between an exceptionally confident individual contributor and a good manager
  • Persistence as the best leadership quality plus three advice on how to scale your company


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