TBLP109 | Beth Wilson: Force of Change Business Leader

TBLP109 | Beth Wilson: Force of Change Business Leader

Is unconscious bias eliminated in this time and age?

Today on the show, we have Beth Wilson, Canada Chief Executive Officer at Dentons.

Who is she outside of Dentons?

Beth is a mom of two boys, ages 21 and 18. She likes spending time with her family. Beth also loves the outdoors, getting out on her paddleboard, kayaking, and is an avid runner and cycler. Now that her sons are older, Beth and her husband enjoy time together on long cycling rides and have even incorporated cycling trips into their vacations.

In this episode, Beth went deep into topics ranging from mindset, strategies, and leadership.

She also spoke to how she won the trust and credibility of her team members at Dentons when she was brought in as CEO.

Listen in to hear Beth talk about these points and more, including the hot topic of unconscious bias.


What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • Why Dentons is executing deeply on talent
  • The main reason Dentons recruited Beth for the CEO position
  • Beth’s strategy to build trust and credibility
  • Unique opportunities that Beth experienced as a female business leader
  • How to execute work-life integration as a business leader and a woman with personal responsibilities
  • How to beat the stereotypes for women in business
  • Overcoming failure and what she did to deal with the adversity
  • Key points to consider when creating, developing and implementing a strategy
  • The crucial role of having a network and mentors so Beth could continue to grow as a business leader


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