TBLP110 | Marcus Rader: Property Management Leader

TBLP110 | Marcus Rader: Rental Property Management Leader

Are you a vacation rental property manager looking for a one all solution? This episode is for you.

We have on the show, Marcus Rader, the CEO and Co-Founder of Hostaway an enterprise solution for managing short-term rentals.

When he is not busy with Hostaway, Marcus loves to play a guitar. He loves death metal. Fun fact: Marcus, speaks six languages. When he travels he likes to visit different breweries.

Marcus sat down with Edwin and shared the growth of Hostaway over the last years.

Also, he get into the topic of how to let go of being an entrepreneur and switch your role to being a CEO of your company.

Not only that, you will hear Marcus shared his technique on how they come up with a very solid company culture to eliminate confusions.

Lastly, listen Marcus’ nuggets of wisdom on how to be an effective business leader to a company distributed around the world.


What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • Why Marcus had to stop being an entrepreneur and become a CEO to better lead Hostaway
  • How he overcome the challenge of firing and hiring people
  • The key factors to successfully manage and lead a team distributed across the world
  • The difficulties of different cultural/ethnic background in the organization and how Marcus dealt with it
  • How having a former CEO as a coach helps Marcus and what is his main focus now in the company
  • Marcus’ key learning when he transitions from being an entrepreneur into a CEO
  • Two resources that helps Marcus achieve his goals and grow as a leader
  • The hardest part of being a leader and how to deal with it
  • Marcus’ worst quality as a leader and how it helps him build the company
  • How Marcus balances work and life


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