TBLP115 | Todd Unger: Productive Disruptor

TBLP115 | Todd Unger: Productive Disruptor

Do you know what does “productive disruptor” means? You will find out if you will listen in.

Today on the show, Edwin sat down with Todd Unger, Chief Experience Officer and Senior Vice President of Physician Engagement at the American Medical Association.

Todd and his family recently moved to Chicago for this job and they are getting to know and love Chicago very much. His my whole family is into horseback riding. Todd is also a daily meditator.

In this episode, Todd discussed what is his role in AMA and what are their future plans in the next 12 months.

He also shared the journey of AMA’s of not only being a healthcare brand but also supercharging membership acquisition and retention.

Also, he tackled the issue of how to transform an organization through storytelling and social media.


What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • The problems that Todd addressed when he came to the American Medical Association and what is his focus now for the organization
  • How he was able to digitally transformed and strengthen a known and old healthcare brand coming from a horse racing company
  • How Todd dealt with and fill up a relatively new position and the improvements he’s done in the marketing and publishing part of the company
  • Developing a curriculum on how to communicate, thru emails or any digital medium, more effectively and straight to the point
  • Building marketing on the foundation of storytelling and the help of social media and what Todd considered as their biggest challenge today and how to deal with it
  • How his former COO inspires him and helps him with communicating to and supporting  his team, and on onboarding key persons
  • The transformation cycle of an organization; in what phase is AMA now and Todd’s plans and brand strategy for AMA
  • Growth as your best job, how it is today and how you should do it


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