TBLP125 | #10Tips10Days: A LinkedIn Campaign


Welcome to September.  I have decided to take part in a LinkedIn campaign called #10tips10days which was started by my good friend Kira Day, Founder of The Passion Centre

Kira along with her friends Bobby Umar (hear my interview with him), Jake Jordan and Lila Smith started this in 2018.

I will be sharing ten tips for the solopreneur who is struggling to free themselves from the day to day of running a business. 

When they launched, they just wanted to get paid.  Now, they are getting paid but are working all the time.

The desire to hire people but don’t know where to start.

Follow me on LinkedIn as I share my tips on how I successfully hired teams both locally and remotely.

I encourage all of to share your expertise to your community.  It’s simple, the rules to participate:

1. Pick a topic that you know your audience is struggling with and you have the solution for.

2. Tell us how you or your product/solution/service can help solve the problem by offering up 10 tips over a period of 10 days (doing minimum 30 second videos)

Some people did one article with all 10 tips, some did 10 text posts over 10 days. That’s ok. We are looking for video but we care more about involvement!

3. Ask the audience to think about someone who might benefit from your tips and tag them in the conversation.

4. Tag in 3 other experts that you admire so that they can share their #10tips10days value as well

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