TBLP003 | Bobby Umar: Business Leadership through the Heart

My guest on this episode is Bobby Umar.  He is one of the most prolific, heart-based leaders in North America. Inc Magazine named him one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers, alongside such noteworthy giants as Richard Branson, Brene Brown, John Maxwell and Robin Sharma.

Bobby is a 4x TEDx speaker, and one of the top tweeters in the world, with over 400,000 followers. He has been named the 2nd best business coach to follow on Twitter and the 4th best leadership influencer according to Kred.

Bobby is an international author of two books, including a #1 best seller, and is a Huffington Post contributor. He hosts a weekly tweetchat called “The Power of Connection” that has reached over 65 million impressions weekly.

To date, his social media influence has garnered over 1 billion impressions. Bobby was also named a “2015 Speaker to Watch” by the National Speakers Bureau and Global Speakers Agency. Most recently, he was named a Top 7 Networking Guru to follow.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • How he evolved from personal branding to social media, to a leadership coach
  • Why business leaders should share on social media
  • What drives him to constantly create new and amazing  content
  • Why being a TEDx speaker/public speaking is important skill as a thought leader
  • How to practice and become a better public speaking
  • Why exploring and dabbling is key to find out what you want to do to find focus
  • Getting into “super daddy mode” to find balance and focus


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TBLP002 | Victoria Lennox: Building an Innovation Nation

So happy to have Victoria Lennox on today’s episode.  She is the co-founder and CEO of Startup Canada, the national rallying community supporting and giving a voice to Canada’s 2.3 million entrepreneurs.

Victoria is recognized by the United Nations Development Programme and the European Union as one of the foremost experts in entrepreneurship education; ecosystem and program architecture, governance, development and implementation; and, in fuelling entrepreneurship movements and awareness campaigns.

As the catalyst for Startup Generation and the host of Startup Nations, Victoria supports and mentors the development of youth enterprise organizations in more than 20 countries; provides advisory support to international organizations in the areas of entrepreneurship networks, education and policy development; and supports colleges and universities in enhancing their entrepreneurial activities. Countries around the world are also working to emulate Startup Canada’s methodologies and activities, viewing the organization, under Victoria’s leadership, as the best practice in fuelling entrepreneurship culture.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • How she changed focus from her career in policy and politics policy to leading an innovation nation of entrepreneurship in Canada
  • How Startup Communities grows and fosters leaders of tomorrow
  • What she learned when she was undergoing chemotherapy
  • Her leadership style and how she empowers her teams
  • How she is launching projects and programs to support women
  • What she started after traveling with the Governer General of Canada


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TBLP001 | Saul Colt: It’s Criminal to be Mediocre

My guest on this episode is Saul Colt.  Saul is the Founder and Creative Director at SAUL COLT – The Idea Integration Company.  In his career he has been named as one of the iMEDIA 25: Internet Marketing Leaders & Innovators as well as been called one of Canada’s best community builders/experiential marketers.

NYT Bestselling author and Internet Pioneer Chris Brogan once referred to Saul as “exactly who you want representing your company” and that message has been echoed by media properties ranging from Inc to Forbes Magazine.

In the episode, we touch upon many of Saul’s interests and expertise including Word of mouth marketing, stunt marketing,  Social media, customer experience, and community building.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • How shoes, art, and writing comic books gives him a competitive advantage
  • A calendar entry to block 15-20 minutes to allow the mind to wander
  • Challenges and opportunities working with startups and small organizations like ZipCar and FreshBooks
  • Differences working with large enterprise organizations like Rogers Communications and Xero
  • Explains why everything starts and ends with marketing
  • Rules of word of mouth marketing depending on the size of organization (hint: nothing)


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This podcast is produced by Slingshot VoIP, a business telecommunications leader.

The Key to Entrepreneurship – Startup Canada Podcast

Originally recorded for the Startup Canada Podcast.

Entrepreneurs are always looking to improve to become the best they can be. This ideology often translates into their work, and into their business. Edwin Frondozo, Co-Founder and CMO of Slingshot VoIP, knows what it takes to be the best and incorporates this skill into his business, his hobbies, and his life.  “Communication is the key to everything.”  Edwin is a passionate supporter of entrepreneurship and SMEs and helps them grow and scale in the Cloud by enabling them with simple tools to communicate. An avid runner, Edwin has participated and finished in both the Toronto and New York City Marathons. He has his sights on the Chicago Marathon in 2017. When he is not running, he is working on mastering the handstand, hosting #StartupChats, or bonding with his new family addition, baby Jade.  Today, we’re talking to Edwin about how to bootstrap a Cloud-based business and adapting to the changing environment of business communications. We’ll also learn how to balance daily parenting life by running.

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