TBLP 126 | Liam Martin: Remote Leader

TBLP 126 | Liam Martin: Remote Leader

More and more businesses are transitioning to remote workforces for reasons other than cost reduction. The benefits of remote work for both employees and employer is making it the right option for organizations across different industries. In today’s episode, Edwin chats with business leader Liam Martin, co-founder, and CMO of TimeDoctor.com and Staff.com. Time Doctor […]

TBLP036 | Matthew Bertulli: Building Business Platforms

Matt Bertulli is co-founder and CEO of Demac Media and co-founder of Pela Case. He’s also the author of best-selling book, Anything, Anywhere, a book on the future of retail and eCommerce. Matt considers himself a student of retail and eCommerce above all else and his companies are where he tests his ideas in an […]

TBLP034 | Jeff Goldenberg: Performance Driven Leadership

A client-side marketing veteran with 15 years in the industry, Jeff Goldenberg is a Co-Founder of Abacus, the #1 digital agency specializing in performance Facebook ads. Previously, he headed up the marketing and growth team at Borrowell, an innovative financial services startup that will offer competitively priced loans to consumers with good credit scores looking to refinance […]

TBLP021 | Justin Thouin: Learn How to Demonstrate Value

Justin Thouin is the Co-Founder and CEO of LowestRates.ca. Justin started the company in 2012 following a successful career as a Senior Executive with two prominent entertainment and technology organizations. LowestRates.ca provides Canadians with a fast and convenient way to save two of their most valuable assets – time and money. It’s a one stop […]