TBLP 129 | Libby Maurer: User Experience (UX) Leader

  Providing clients with great user experience is very important for businesses. A positive experience can keep customers loyal to the product or brand. Because of this, most organizations now are investing more in user experience (UX) research to provide the best user experience for their client base. In today‚Äôs episode, Edwin chats with business […]

TBLP038 | Steve Woods: Measuring Relationships

Currently co-founder and CTO at Nudge.ai, Steve Woods is using artificial intelligence to help salespeople find useful trigger events at their target accounts. Letting AI do the heavy burden of research allows sales professionals to focus on selling, while never missing a chance to turn latent demand into active demand. Prior to that, co-founder and […]

TBLP024 | Chris Eben: Growth Through Diversity

Chris Eben is a Managing Partner at TWG, a software consultancy with holistic expertise in digital strategy, product design and engineering. He is a mentor, speaker and active investor with a portfolio of more than 20 startups throughout the US and Canada. Chris joined TWG after a lengthy career running product teams in the Enterprise […]

TBLP023 | Aaron Parker: Success Through Self Awareness

Aaron Parker is the podcast host that has seen true patterning as to what makes entrepreneurs and thought leaders successful. We talk about being a business owner, marketing and sales, starting a podcast, and the similarities that he sees from his successful guests.   What You Will Learn From This Episode What he is learning […]

TBLP019 | Fatima Zaidi: Hacking Outbound Sales

Fatima Zaidi has had over nine years of experience in Business Development, Marketing, and Strategy. Her expertise in sales effectiveness and partnerships led her to the role as VP of Business Development for Eighty-Eight, a Toronto-based creative communications agency. Prior to Eighty-Eight, Fatima was the Head of Business Development at retail company Rent frock Repeat […]