TBLP090 | Alexander Lvovich: Auto Industry Leader

TBLP090 | Alexander Lvovich: Mobility Leader

 With the growing popularity of other car brands, how does Volvo remains on top of the game? Automotive is one of the most competitive industry in the world, yet Volvo finds its success secret sauce. Today on the show, Edwin sat down with Alexander Lvovich, Managing Director of Volvo Canada, to get a peek into […]

TBLP059 | Michael Katchen: Investment Leader

Michael Katchen is the CEO and co-founder of Wealthsimple, a leading online investing service operating in Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom. Before starting Wealthsimple, he worked at a YC-backed startup called 1000memories, and we sold the business to Ancestry.com in 2012. At a very young age, Michael became very interested in investing when his sister randomly entered […]

TBLP058 | Melissa Nightingale: Modern Leadership

TBLP058 | Modern Leadership

Melissa Nightingale is the Co-Founder and Partner of Raw Signal Group. She is editor of The Co-pour and bestselling author of “How F*cked Up Is Your Management? An Uncomfortable Conversation About Modern Leadership.” Melissa has held senior leadership roles in Marketing, and PR, at several fast-paced startups, including Wattpad, Edmodo, and Mozilla. She moved to […]

TBLP057 | Ami Shah: Youth Education Leader

Ami Shah is the Co-Founder & CEO of Peekapak, an edtech startup that teaches social-emotional learning skills like self-regulation, empathy and teamwork in the class and home. Ami earned her MBA from INSEAD and received great marketing experience from Procter and Gamble. She spent a lot of time abroad. Ami lived, volunteered, studied in about […]

TBLP056 | Fuckup Nights Toronto

Fuckup Nights is a speaker series where stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned and celebrated. It is a global movement and community that takes place in over 250 cities and 80 countries all over the world sharing stories of professional failure. Last March 15, Fuckup Nights Toronto celebrated their First Anniversary. Joining on […]

TBLP055 | Eli Aleyner: Self-Promotion

Eli Aleyner

Eli was the former Managing Director of Founder Dating (Toronto). He was a Program Manager at bing.com, leading projects in structured data search. Before that, he was an engineer at Amazon Web Services. Now, Eli is a senior product and alliances leader at Pivotal, currently leading Pivotal’s alliance with Microsoft. After six years on the west coast, […]

TBLP034 | Jeff Goldenberg: Performance Driven Leadership

A client-side marketing veteran with 15 years in the industry, Jeff Goldenberg is a Co-Founder of Abacus, the #1 digital agency specializing in performance Facebook ads. Previously, he headed up the marketing and growth team at Borrowell, an innovative financial services startup that will offer competitively priced loans to consumers with good credit scores looking to refinance […]

TBLP033 | Mark Cohon: Building a Global Toronto

Mark Cohon is an experienced sports and entertainment executive, proven turn-around expert, active public speaker, proud builder of Canadian brands and entrepreneur at heart. In sports, Mark is best known for his leadership as the 12th Commissioner of the Canadian Football League. Mark was the driving force behind the renaissance of the league. His eight-year […]

TBLP017 | Julia Deans: Build Your Network

Julia Deans is the CEO of Futurpreneur Canada, a national non-profit organization that has helped almost 10,000 Canadians aged 18-39 launch start-ups with business coaching, financing, mentoring and other resources. Julia started her career as a lawyer with Torys LLP in Toronto and Hong Kong, before creating a successful legal recruitment business in Singapore. From […]