TBLP 148 | Sophia Ruffolo: Women Entrepreneur Leader

TBLP 148 | Sophia Ruffolo: Women Entrepreneur Leader

Sophia Ruffolo is the Founder and CEO of femmebought, an online women’s business directory, community, and education hub that’s meaningfully connecting and inspiring women, giving entrepreneurs the tools required to grow their own businesses. An experienced executive, Sophia has worked in a variety of senior roles for a global financial institution, including Chief Compliance Officer […]

TBLP 147 | Evan Goldberg: Cloud Leader

TBLP 147 | Evan Goldberg: Social Impact Leader

As the founder and EVP of Oracle Netsuite, the leading integrated cloud business software suite, Evan Goldberg has grown the company from a small office above a hair salon into a global organization that now works with more than 18,000 customers around the world.  Starting with only four employees, they have now scaled and grown […]

TBLP 146 | Shrad Rao: Payroll Software Leader

TBLP 146 | Shrad Rao: Payroll Software Leader

Shrad Rao is the CEO of Wagepoint, a simple payroll software for small businesses that are looking to simplify their payment process. Shrad always knew that he would be an entrepreneur. He has always been very passionate about entrepreneurship because it allows him the ability to influence change, make decisions and most of all, choose […]

TBLP 145 | Andrew Graham: Fintech Leader

Andrew Graham is an experienced leader who brings people and technology together to solve hard problems. He is co-founder and CEO of Borrowell, a financial technology company that helps Canadians make great decisions about credit. With its free credit score and report monitoring, personal loans, and financial product recommendations, Borrowell empowers Canadians to improve their […]

TBLP 144 | JP Chauvet: Lightspeed Leader

TBLP 144 | JP Chauve: Lightspeed Leader

JP Chauvet is the President at Lightspeed, a hands-on, forward-thinking executive with proven ability to implement change and drive growth. He has this in-depth understanding of technology, product development, finance, and sales management. He has years of operating internationally across North America, Europe, and Asia. He’s got a proven track record of achieving targets and […]

TBLP 143 | Mike McDerment: Accounting Software Leader

TBLP 143 | Mike McDerment: Invoice Software Leader

Mike McDerment is the co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks, cloud-based accounting software that is used by 160 countries around the world and is currently ranked second in America. Mike spent three and a half years growing FreshBooks from his parents’ basement. Outside of FreshBooks, Mike is a dad, a husband, a son and a brother. […]

TBLP 142 | Alfredo Tan : Culture Innovation Leader

TBLP 142 | Alfredo Tan : Culture Innovation Leader

Alfredo Tan is the chief digital & innovations officer at WestJet Airlines where he is responsible for building a culture of innovation. He is also an industry professor and keynote speaker who is very passionate about science and technology. He describes himself as “someone who got lucky along the way.”  When he’s not doing part-time […]

TBLP 141| Carmine Cinerari : Management Leader

TBLP 141| Carmine Cinerari : Management Leader

Carmine Cinerari is the President of Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. and guides the vision and strategic direction of the company’s operations in Canada. He has sucessfully steered the company through a number of strategic shifts in business domains, operating models, and corporate strategy. His hands-on, collaborative approach has fostered a culture of teamwork, customer […]

TBLP133 | Breaking Through at the Berlin Marathon

I recently completed the Berlin marathon. I run because it helps me stay fit, help me train, and eat well. Berlin marathon is my fourth marathon that I am trying to complete. Why am I sharing my Berlin Marathon experience Share defining moments that changed my life Moment of clarity Moment of bliss For many […]

TBLP 132 | Matthew Tyrer: Marketing Leader

Transitioning to a management role can be challenging, especially if you are from a more technical and hands-on role. A  whole new set of skills is needed and having a team look to you for leadership can be overwhelming. Today’s guest goes in-depth about those challenges and how he is overcoming them. In this episode, […]