IDP001 | Innovation Drivers with Minister Navdeep Bains

The Honourable Navdeep Bains, the Member of Parliament for Mississauga–Malton and Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Canada, sits down with Humza and Edwin to discuss Canada’s Innovation Agenda.  Where he sees the opportunities and challenges that we are facing as a country.  What is interesting is that we recorded this pre-COVID19 and […]

IDP000 | Introducing The Innovation Drivers Podcast

The Innovation Drivers Podcast is here.  Co-hosts Humza Teherany (President at the CIO Association of Canada and Edwin Frondozo (Host and Producer of The Business Leadership Podcast) are excited to launch this show and platform with the sole purpose of speaking with Canada’s top technology leaders to discuss ideas, successes, and challenges that are creating […]

TBLP 158 | Virtual Shift with Cameron Ward

Cameron has over 25yrs experience working in global technology companies around the world in supply chain, procurement, innovation and technology.  A serial corporate-entrepreneur” where he has either started or led number of businesses in every company he has worked for to new levels of success and also work with a number of startups and SMEs […]

TBLP090 | Alexander Lvovich: Auto Industry Leader

TBLP090 | Alexander Lvovich: Mobility Leader

 With the growing popularity of other car brands, how does Volvo remains on top of the game? Automotive is one of the most competitive industry in the world, yet Volvo finds its success secret sauce. Today on the show, Edwin sat down with Alexander Lvovich, Managing Director of Volvo Canada, to get a peek into […]

TBLP088 | Bob Moore: Leading with Empathy

TBLP088 | Bob Moore: Leading with Empathy

Is it possible to lead with empathy? For Bob Moore, Axis Country Manager, it is. In today’s episode, Edwin and Bob dive deep on the topic of leading with empathy. Bob shared his early days when he was proud and resisting help from others. He eventually realizes that he cannot do everything on his own. […]

TBLP087 | Ferhan Bulca: Leadership Through Transparency

TBLP087 | Ferhan Bulca: Transparency Leadership

 Ferhan Bulca (PhD, P.Eng) is a seasoned intrapreneur, delivering multimillion-dollar projects that opened up new markets for companies in medical devices, aerospace, software, and manufacturing. When he is not working, he loves a few things. He does too much sports these days. Ferhan consolidated down to squash and scuba diving.  Today Edwin will talk to […]

TBLP083 | Thomas Jankowski: Digital Currency Leader

TBLP083 | Thomas Jankowski: Digital Currency Leader

Consider this episode as Cryptocurrency 101 for beginners. Today, Thomas Jankowski, Chief Digital & Growth Officer at Coinsquare sat down with Edwin to discuss what is the buzz about digital currency. Thomas who is a reader and enjoys sailing in his spare time discussed Coinsquare and its future goal. He explains the concept of cryptocurrency and how we […]

TBLP080 | Roger Chabra: Chief Innovation Leader

TBLP080 | Roger Chabra: Chief Innovation Leader

Roger Chabra is the Chief Innovation Office at Tribal Scale. He has decades of experience as a successful technology operator, investor, and entrepreneur. In his free time, he spends it with his young son and family. And not known to others, he is a human Shazam. He admits that he can guess an 80’s track […]