TBLP 131 | Jeff Wiener: The Kickass Entrepreneur

TBLP 131 | Jeff Wiener: Communication Leader

Most of the time, business owners are the best salesperson of the organization. But as leaders, they face the need to let go of their leads and delegating them to their members. And this can be very difficult.  In this episode, Edwin chats with business leader Jeff Wiener, entrepreneur, author, and CEO of The Kickass […]

TBLP 130 – Mark Rickmeier: Focus Leader

TBLP 130 | Mark Rickmeier: Focus Leader

There is a change happening in today’s IT industry. More and more organizations are seeing the value of working with small to mid-sized software development companies. Experts who can really jump in and provide value quickly. Today’s guest gives us an insight into what it’s like to lead one of those companies. In this episode, […]

TBLP 128 – Alyson Gausby: Research Leader

Social media has greatly changed the landscape of business and markets in the past years. It has allowed companies to reach new prospects and customers. Customers can now interact with brands through social media. With the right research and data, marketing through social media can have a huge impact on the growth of businesses. In […]

TBLP 127 | Robert Levy: Brand Insight Leader

  The advancement of today’s technology has been transformational for consumers. Unfiltered product reviews have changed the way people buy products online. By leveraging on consumer insights and market research, businesses can become more consumer-focused and make better decisions. In today’s episode, Edwin chats with business leader Robert Levy, founder, and president of Brandspark International. […]

TBLP 123 | Gary Saarenvirta: Artificial Intelligence Leader

Growing a business requires making smart decisions.  Some of those operating decisions can be very complex and beyond human capability. This is where artificial intelligence steps in. With AI, businesses can make smarter plans and risk management decisions by running billions of simulations based on the organization’s transaction data. In today’s episode, Edwin chats with […]

TBLP 122 | Simon Ferragne: Vision Leader

TBLP 122 | Simon Ferragne: Vision Leader

Every business has its mission and vision. But it can only make an impact when everyone in the organization can see the value of that vision. In today’s episode, Edwin chats with business leader Simon Ferragne, CEO and Founder of TrackTik. TrackTik is a company that aims to build better software to allow its clients […]

TBLP 121 | David Lloyd: Servant Leader

TBLP 121 | David Lloyd: Innovation Leader

Servant leadership is a concept that inverts the norm of being a traditional leader and focuses on the leaders empowering the employees. Combined with encouraging innovation within the organization, it ensures the growth of the business. In today’s episode, Edwin chats with PostBeyond’s CEO, David Lloyd. David leads PostBeyond, a company that helps their clients […]

TBLP 120 | Christopher O’Donnell: Product Leader

Building and growing a creative and diverse team can give huge positive results to an organization.  But the questions of maintainability and scalability of these teams can also be a very big challenge for any business leader. In this episode, Edwin talks with HubSpot’s SVP of Product, Christopher O’Donnell.  Christopher leads a team of product […]

TBLP 119 | Marc Staveley: Technology Leader

TBLP 119 | Marc Stavely: Technology Leader

“Empower” is a big buzz word in the industry nowadays. And it is for a reason. Allowing your team to make decisions and take ownership of what is happening can be extremely beneficial for the whole organization. In today’s episode, Edwin chats with Index Exchange’s Chief of Technology Officer, Marc Stavely. Marc leads over 185 […]

TBLP 118 | Scott Wu: Engineering Leader

Scott Wu

As an emerging business leader, can you tell us your goal? Today with Edwin is Scott Wu, the Chief Technology Officer at Compass Digital Labs. He oversees the technology strategy for the company and leads a team of world-class designers, product managers, engineers and data scientists. His mission is to create amazing experiences for consumers […]