TBLP079 | Claire Adams: Media Leader with Purpose

TBLP079 | Claire Adams: Media Leader with a Purpose

Claire Adams is the co-CEO of Canada’s premier network for driven Millennials, Notable Life Media Group, Inc. It covers all aspects of millennial life including social, professional, and charitable engagements. Claire loves food and travel. She is very easy going but works very hard. After taking over Notable Life, 18 months ago, she now looks […]

TBLP078 | Lori Casselman: Lead by Asking

TBLP078 | Lori Casselman: Leading by Asking

Lori Casselman is a mother, athlete, and fitness advocate who is passionate in giving back to her community.  She is an experienced executive with a passion for building great teams while making innovation in the health and insurance sectors. On this episode, Edwin and Lori discussed the importance of asking questions to your team members […]

TBLP077 | Dr. Laura Lee Copeland: Leading with Compassion

TBLP077 | Dr. Laura Lee Copeland: Leadership with Compassion

Mindfulness has been a buzzword for this year. Can business leaders practice being mindful? Will it benefit their organization? All these questions will be answered today by Laura Lee Copeland, Chief Medical Information Officer at Healthtech. In this episode, join Laura and Edwin as they discussed why it’s vital to invest in yourself if you want to […]

TBLP074 | Mara Nickerson: Legal Services Innovation Leader

TBLP074 | Mara Nickerson: Legal Services Innovation Leader

Mara Nickerson is Osler’s Chief Knowledge Officer and an acknowledged Canadian industry leader in legal services innovation and services delivery. She leads national teams who are responsible for professional development, knowledge management, records and conflict management and is the driver behind the Firm’s implementation of legal project management and process improvement. Join Edwin and Mara […]

TBLP071 | Laura Denham: A Notable Story of Leadership

TBLP071 | Laura Denham: A Notable Story of Leadership

With over 15 years of broadcast, events, content, theatre, and Games Laura Denham has added to her long list of achievements, becoming a Chief Creative Officer at Notable Life. She was a Notable.ca Award Recipient for Leadership. After receiving this award, Laura was offered a post in Notable Life. Laura is an integrated marketer who […]

TBLP065 | Jacqueline Leung: News on the Go

Jacqueline is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Pressed. Not a news junkie by any means, she created Pressed because it’s a product that she needs. Prior to launching her first startup, she spent several years working in marketing roles at companies spanning across industries like sports, food, and media. She has a media degree from […]

TBLP061 | Bianca Lopes: Identity Leader

TBLP061 | Bianca Lopes: Identity Leader

Bianca Lopes is the former CIO at BioConnect. She is also a public and keynote speaker. Born and raised in Brazil, Bianca spent most of her entrepreneurial life in Canada. She moved to Canada and was able to establish two businesses before the age of 27. Bianca is a curious, proud geek person. She had […]

TBLP058 | Melissa Nightingale: Modern Leadership

TBLP058 | Modern Leadership

Melissa Nightingale is the Co-Founder and Partner of Raw Signal Group. She is editor of The Co-pour and bestselling author of “How F*cked Up Is Your Management? An Uncomfortable Conversation About Modern Leadership.” Melissa has held senior leadership roles in Marketing, and PR, at several fast-paced startups, including Wattpad, Edmodo, and Mozilla. She moved to […]

TBLP057 | Ami Shah: Youth Education Leader

Ami Shah is the Co-Founder & CEO of Peekapak, an edtech startup that teaches social-emotional learning skills like self-regulation, empathy and teamwork in the class and home. Ami earned her MBA from INSEAD and received great marketing experience from Procter and Gamble. She spent a lot of time abroad. Ami lived, volunteered, studied in about […]