TBLP111 | Jeff Ruby: Healthcare Leader

Jeff Ruby: Health Care Business Leader

How can the loss of a loved one lead to startup success? You have to listen until to this episode to find out. Jeff Ruby, the founder of Newtopia, started the company because he lost his father to cancer at a young age. He came to the realization that the current health care solutions does […]

TBLP110 | Marcus Rader: Rental Property Management Leader

TBLP110 | Marcus Rader: Property Management Leader

Are you a vacation rental property manager looking for a one all solution? This episode is for you. We have on the show, Marcus Rader, the CEO and Co-Founder of Hostaway an enterprise solution for managing short-term rentals. When he is not busy with Hostaway, Marcus loves to play a guitar. He loves death metal. […]

TBLP109 | Beth Wilson: Force of Change Business Leader

TBLP109 | Beth Wilson: Force of Change Business Leader

Is unconscious bias eliminated in this time and age? Today on the show, we have Beth Wilson, Canada Chief Executive Officer at Dentons. Who is she outside of Dentons? Beth is a mom of two boys, ages 21 and 18. She likes spending time with her family. Beth also loves the outdoors, getting out on […]

TBLP108 | Taylan Pince: Disruptive Business Leader

TBLP108 | Taylan Pince: Coding Business Leader

Are you an emerging leader who is having trouble to delegate? In this episode, Edwin sat down with Taylan Pince, Mobile Team Lead and CEO at Hipo, an organization that helps disruptive startups and small businesses create meaningful products and services. When Taylan is not busy growing Hipo, you can find him spending time with […]

TBLP105 | Adrian Salamunovic: Public Relations Leader

TBLP105 | Adrian Salamunovic: Public Relations Leader

Did the idea of elegant parties, open bars 
and circulate with the rich and famous sound like a PR to you? Think again, as we have on the show, Adrian Salamunovic. He is the co-author of FREE PR, founder of Earned.co, a public speaker, startup advisor, investor, and PR expert who’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs reach […]

TBLP104 | Michael Denham: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Leader

TBLP104 | Michael Denham: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Leader

 Are there ways to help connect corporate Canada to innovators and entrepreneurs? This question has been on Michael Denham’s mind for a long time. In this conversation, you will discover the answer to that. Michael is the President & CEO of BDC, Canada’s only bank devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs. He is the driver of […]

TBLP102 | Mark Bowden: Body Language Expert

TBLP102 | Mark Bowden: Body Language Expert

Do you want to understand body language and facial expression? Today on the show, you are going to hear from Mark Bowden, Keynote Speaker, World Renown Body Language Expert and creator of TRUTHPLANE. Edwin and Mark delve on the topics of the importance of body language or as everyone knows, the non-verbal communication. Also, hear from Mark […]

TBLP101 | Krystyn Harrison: Career Leader

TBLP100 | Krystyn Harrison: Career Leader

Prior to founding Prosper, Krystyn advised Fortune 100 companies at AT Kearney and founded Unison Design Group (acquired by Versett, 2017). She has an HBA and MBA from Ivey Business School. Outside Prosper, she loves to spend time with her family and travel. In this episode, you will hear Krystyn share what Prosper is and […]

TBLP085 | Anil Gupta: Relationships and Happiness Leader

TBLP085 | Anil Gupta: Mindset Leader

What is your mission in life? For Anil Gupta, Mindset Expert at Anil Gupta Workshops, it is to reach a billion people by December 31, 2020.  His mission is to inspire, move, and touch people. He lived by a quote from Steve Martin, “Be so great that you cannot be ignored.” In this episode, Edwin and Anil […]